A downloadable game for Windows

Want to be like a hacker? Let's try this game. ./hAckNES - Hacking Simulator will take you to so such as hacker. But wait, this is just game and not real (have fun). Use your logical and carefulness to complete this game. You have 1 minute before you get traced down. Hurry up! Solve it!

Install instructions

  • Extract the *.zip after downloaded
  • Right click play_hacknes.exe, run as administrator (online at first time)
  • Enjoy the game

Bug? Report here.


hacknes_32bit.zip 47 MB
hacknes_64bit.zip 50 MB


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how to go to index.html ?

Hello oeil2lynx24, you can open game directories, you can see some folder with name lib, open it and once again you see folder with name src, open it. Open readme.txt to get information about index.html

Thx u for playing our game, enjoy :D

This is such a cool concept! I love the idea of having to go into the actual game files to get clues on how to proceed. I can't wait to see more of this

Hello Happymadness, thx u for download and have fun with our game. The next level is coming soon, and we will add more clues. Staytune :D